About Chiang Mai Trekking with Maewin and Family

Our Story

Hello my name is Padbun Palasoo, please can call me Pat.

I started Meawin And Family Trekking company back in 2013 with my wife Thanchanok, being brought up with this great industry allowed me to build up over 15yrs of experience which gave us this opportunity to start our Chiang Mai Trekking tour company that’s now a very successful business and one that we are very passionate about. I must admit, it was a struggle at first with myself being the only tour guide and my wife having to deal with the office admin’s and bookings all by her self was a great task but we got through it and now we have a thriving business on our hands, one that’s built up an excellent reputation over the years thanks to our customers.

So How Did We Achieve This?

It was having a vision and the passion to offer something that’s unique and special and to be able to share it with all tourist from around the world, something that would make their holiday absolutely unforgettable and one to remember forever.

Why Choose Us?

Northern Thailand has amazing landscapes with pangrammatic views, these views must be shared, that’s where we come in, we have a total of six Chiang Mai Trekking Tours on offer for you to choose from, our trekking tours are totally unique to us and you won’t find the same anyware else. All our staff were born and bred in these areas, thus giving them exceptional knowledge of the jungle and its surroundings, with this knowledge and plenty of experience has given our tour guides the chance to share their jungle knowledge with you guys, show you their village home’s, lifestyles and backgrounds aswell as teach you all about the culture of the Karen Hill tribes. We’ve been offering Chiang Mai Trekking Tours for over 5 years now, myself and my guides have more than 15 years experience each, we pay particular attention on giving total satisfaction to all our customers and offer them pure value for money, this is what makes our service second to none and one that you’ll never forget.

CustomER  Experiences

Experience our wonderful trekking tours designed for you in mind.

A project that started from a dream of mine that’s now become a reality. Chiang Mai Trekking with Maewin and Family offers you the experience of a lifetime with embedded memories forever.

Building Memories

A little fun at one of our waterfall visits

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers speak volumes

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chiang mai trekking with maewin and family Offers You Well Organized Trekking Tours

Doi Inthanon National Park One Day Only Walk

M1 Program – Visit the Karen Village, see how the hill tribes live, Visit a beautiful waterfall, take a swim if desired, Visit the Pagoda palace.

Doi Inthanon Areas Two Days Only Walk Trekking

M4 Program – visit Local market, Visit the Karen village and a Hill tribe’s village see how the hill tribe people live and learn all about their culture.

Doi Inthanon Area One Day Walk Only

M2 Program – visit the Karen village and a Hill Tribe village, see how the hill tribe people live and experience their culture, visit 4 beautiful waterfalls.

Doi Inthanon Areas Three Days Two Nights Only Walk

M5 Program – visit Local market, see beautiful nature, Visit to the Karen Village, see how the hill tribes live, Visit a beautiful waterfall, take a swim if desired.

Doi Inthanon National Park Two Days Only Walk

M3 Program – visit Local market, visit the highest spot in Thailand, visit the Pagoda “King and Queen Palace”, Vachirathan Waterfall, Visit the Karen village.

Special Program One Day Walk With Bamboo Rafting

M6 Program – Visit the Karen village, Visit a beautiful waterfall, then finish off with some Bamboo Rafting.